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Chemical and Dust Cartridge

cartridgeFeatures :

- RC201 DUST FILTER : Use with NP305, NP306 respirators.

- RC202 CHEMICAL FILTER (organic vapours, mists and fumes of low toxicity) : Use With NP305, NP306

- RC203 CHEMICAL FILTER(spray painting and organic vapours of low toxicity): Use With NP305, NP306

- RC205 CHEMICAL FILTER (acid gases of low toxicity) : Use With NP305, NP306

- RC206 CHEMICAL FILTER (organic, inorganic vapours and acid gases of low toxicity)Use With NP305, NP306

- RC209 CHEMICAL FILTER (agricultural sprays) : Use With NP305, NP306

PF5 PREFILTER : Use for NP305, NP306)


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