Furuno FCV-585

furuno_fcv_585Standard Features:

- Dual-Frequency 50/200 kHz
- New DSP Filter makes the picture clearer and easier to discriminate between baitfish and larger target species
- 8/16/64 Color Echo Presentations
- Hands free adjustments of gain, STC & output power through digital filtering
- 8 Range Scales to 2,500 feet
- High output power of 600W or 1kW via transducer selection
- Audio and visual alarms for water depth, fish echoes and water temperature*
- Wide variety of transducer options
- Bright, 8.4″ color LCD gives excellent readability even in broad daylight
- Waterproof construction permits installation on open bridge
- Selectable automatic cruising or fishing modes to suit your style of boating
- Automatic function for detecting fish and bottom in both shallow and deep water
- User-programmable nav data display provides analog and digital nav data*
- Alarms: Bottom, Fish (bottom lock and normal), Speed, Water Temperature and Arrival (Speed, arrival and water temperature alarms require appropriate sensor)
- White line feature helps discriminate fish lying near the bottom
- Destination waypoint feature provides range, bearing, and time-to-go to destination waypoint (up to 20 waypoints)

*requires appropriate sensors

Power Requirements:

- 12-24 VDC
- 1.5 to 0.5 A

Transducer Plug on back of unit

- 10 pin

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