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Humidity Meter HT-3006A

HT-3006AHumidity Meter Lutron HT-3006A


  • Humidity meter & Type K/J Thermometer are combined into one meter, intelligent.
  • Precision humidity sensor for humidity measurement, high precision, fast response.
  • Type K/J thermometer build in temperature linearity & precision cold junction compensation circuit,high accuracy.
  • Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy, provides special functions and features.
  • Dual function meter’s display.
  • Heavy duty & compact housing case, designed for easy carry out & operation.
  • Show the humidity & temperature values on the LCD display at same time.
  • Temperature function for ℃ or ℉ be selected by push button on front panel easily.
  • Wide range both of humidity & temp. measurement
  • Separate humidity & temp. probe, easy operation and remote measurement.

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